Living in Community

Living in Community:

1. Living in Community Implementation Plan The implementation plan for Living in Community (LIC) initiatives that were developed during the consultation and engagement process that took place from 2005-2007. This report details the on-going vision for LIC, the governance structure that will oversee its implementation, and the next steps for priority actions.

Download a copy of the LIC Implementation Plan.

2. Living in Community Action Plan Since its establishment in the fall of 2004, Living in Community has focused on developing a well-informed, coordinated approach to the issues associated with sex work and sexual exploitation in Vancouver. The “Living in Community” project is a collaboration guided by a 16 person steering committee representing community, sex workers, businesses and government organizations serving Vancouver. This Action Plan outlines LIC strategies to reach the following goals:

  • to encourage ongoing dialogue and partnership between community organizations, sex workers, residents, businesses, government and police about sex work related issues,
  • to increase the health and safety of all community  members in relation to the effects of sex work, and;
  • to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, youth and adults.

Click here for the LIC Action Plan and here for the LIC Summary of Action Plan document.