SAFEyouth is a local initiative focusing on the prevention of sexual exploitation of children and youth.

The goals of SAFEyouth are to provide young people with information and education about sexual exploitation prevention and to educate parents about the risks and warning signs  and the available resources and strategies for supporting their children.

The SAFEyouth Video Project “CyberSmart CyberSAFE” is a series of short video animations that teach youth and parents about sexual exploitation and how to stay safe. While the focus is on internet safety the videos also address risk factors that occur in the community. There is a facilitator’s guide for professionals who work with youth as well as a parent presentation and a handout package.

Video 1 Introduction

This video introduces the SAFEyouth project and video series.

Video 2 The Boyfriend

In this video we see a young woman who meets an unsavory older man at the swimming pool. He has been watching her. They arrange to meet during the day. He brings her a gift of a new bathing suit, tells her she is not that great a swimmer, and invites her to his place now that they are a couple. He then lets her know he expects her to pay him back for the swimsuit. He will arrange that. This video highlights many danger signs in meeting strangers.


Video 3 The Online Friend

In this video we see a youth talking with his friend. He has met Sarah online and is planning to meet her in person. He thinks he really knows her. His friend is concerned and is encouraging him to talk to his hockey coach or an adult he trusts before making a decision to meet her personally.

Video 4 The SUPER Friend Talk

In this video we see two friends talking about sexual exploitation. One friend doesn’t think he is at risk. His friend tells him that he is at risk because he has many friends on Facebook and knows nothing about them and he doesn’t pay attention to his privacy settings. He learned this in a presentation. He tells him that it is important to listen to information that will keep him safe.

Video 5 The Parent Talk

In this video a mother talks to her son. She is concerned because he has been coming home very late recently and she doesn’t know why. She tells him she is concerned he is being sexually exploited and describes what she means by this, He explains he has been studying. We hope this is the case.

Video 6 The Strong Girl

In this video we see a young girl approached by someone a little older who introduces himself and asks for her name. She gives it. He asks her why she is alone and tells her that her friends suck. He asks for her number since they are now friends. She says no and says that she has to go though he tries to persuade her to stay and give him her personal information.

Video 7  The Big B Man

In this video we see a youth talking to her boyfriend. She learns that he has been bullying other kids at school and his behaviour has been posted online. She asks him why he does this and he says it is to be cool and to do it to others before someone bullies him. He adds that they really don’t mind. She is disgusted and does not want to spend time with him anymore.