for Businesses & Residents

In Canada, it is NOT against the law to be a sex worker.

Anybody is free to stand in public spaces, i.e. in front of businesses, bus stops or anywhere on the sidewalk. While sex work is not illegal, if you have concerns that your home or business is being impacted, there are things you can do.

  • If you see someone in distress don’t be afraid to ask if they are okay or call someone for help.
  • Leave outside lights on. Lights discourage crime and make the area safer for everyone.


Sex workers often feel threatened and may be scared of you too. They are usually agreeable to moving when they understand there is a concern and are approached politely.

  • Acknowledge the sex worker’s presence
  • Be respectful
  • Explain your concerns
  • Politely ask them to find a different place to stand

Everyone deserves to feel safe.

Just as you, your family, employees and/or patrons need to feel safe, so do sex workers.

Everyone plays a role in supporting community safety. Certain types of crime such as property crime or vandalism usually occur where or when there are few (if any) witnesses. Sex workers can be a presence when no one else is around.



If you have a non-emergency concern, you can call:

Collingwood Community Policing Centre: 604-717-2935

Vancouver 3-1-1: For info and requests on city services such as mattress and garbage removal.

Needle Pickup Hotline: 604-657-6561

Sex worker organizations may already know the sex worker and be able to speak with them, if you are uncomfortable doing so.

PACE Society: 604-872-7651
PACE is a sex worker led and driven organization offering low-barrier programming, support and safe respite for survival sex workers.

Other Resources

Collingwood Business Improvement Association: 604-639-4403
Supports healthy business development and community events in Collingwood

Collingwood Neighbourhood House: 604-435-0323
Social and recreational activities for all residents, welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

Evergreen Community Health Centre: 604-872-2511
Public healthcare services like primary care, addictions, mental health, parenting groups, and home care.

Needle Pick-up Hotline: 604-657-6561

City Mattress Removal: 604-326-4719